Michael aguilar

I hold two bachelor degrees, one from the University of South Florida in mass communications with a focus in advertising and one from The Art Institute of Tampa in graphic and web design with a focus in graphic. Through many years of college, I have developed a mindset that education is something that will remain constant in my life. I will refuse to believe that I am great at what I do and that greatness is nearly obtainable, this will keep me motivated in refining my craft and expanding my skills.

The I Embrace Chaos concept evolved from not only my educational journey but also my life experiences. I'll spare my life history and elaborate more on the educational journey aspect. It all started by asking myself one question. What is creativity? My answer, CHAOS. The process can be draining, and the patience, questionable. The design can be doubted and usually revised over and over again. I can't remember the countless all-nighters and the hundreds of hours clocked into my mac monitor. This is the price to pay for creativity. Although it's chaotic, I embrace it, because my end product I will either admire it or I grow from it.